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IMG_2758Dear visitor,

At this page you will find software and data compilations made by members of the BioNMR labs at the University of Groningen (2005-2011) and University of Aarhus (2012-today) under supervision of Dr Frans A.A. Mulder. Current information about our NMR research, facilities, publications and contact information can be found at: Danish Center for Ultrahigh Field NMR Spectroscopy and Researcher Profile of Dr Frans A.A. Mulder at Aarhus University

The Download Section contains NMR Pulse Sequences, CheZOD database, and the ncIDP-assign plugin for Sparky.

Server programs are available under Tools for ncIDP (calculate random coil chemical shifts from sequence – the 2010 standard), ncSPC (calculate secondary structure propensity from chemical shifts), Impurities (identify common  impurities from their chemical shifts in 1H and 13C NMR), pepKalc (compute pKa values and titration curves for disordered proteins and peptides from sequence), and POTENCI (calculate random coil chemical shifts from sequence – the 2018 standard).

Description, References and Availability are provided on the page associated with each of the databases and tools. I hope that these are useful for your research applications. If you use them for publication, please cite the associated research papers, as this will help the personal career development of those involved.